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Politically derives from the greek Term "Polis".

In ancient Greece the human society and construct was mentally and physically limited to a bite size island, a manageable portion of territory in full harmony between anthropic and natural grounds.

Politically is something related to the Poleis. In order to fit in and partake and benefit of the Polis rules, regulations, rights and privilege one was to act according to the code verbal and non verbal of the community.

Outside there was the nature, the chaos, they were the barbarians, the men without heads, the feral beasts and the boundaries of the universe were water would fall of the edge.

The worst punishment was to be banned from society, left to die with the vultures and hyenas. EXILE and Ostracism were death of the body, the identity and the soul.

Today the Human construct is worldwidely spread like a bad disease.

People share more or less the same outlook (no outlook) as to say the market and the lawless rule of demand and offer.

Today the society is an isotropic space with no scale of value where mediocrity is the best asset and the anthropic territory of humanity is everywhere.

There is no outside anymore, only within. Today the thing to fear the most is the INCLUSION, the NORMALIZATION, blending in by abiding to the minimum common divider.

When a society is conformed around the dumbest and the dullest individuals or subjected to the greediest and most depraved ones there is no reason nor rhyme for progress and culture.

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