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LAST forever

“The last shall be first and the first last.”

Jesus was right. Now, year 2020 the worst shit is first: psychopathic politicians, megalomaniac presidents,racist governors, bottom feeders, hate spreaders, silent witnesses, blind watchers, killer cops, superstitious researchers, novax shamans, essential oils smokers, closet reorganizers for a few, Covid party goers, vegans for life eating fake meat burgers, autistic environmental warriors, ignorant “influencers”, not talented musicians, not talented actors, not talented directors, not talented writers, self proclaimed ripoff “artists”, con “artists” taping bananas on a wall, exploiters, greedy motherfuckers, facehuggers, chest busters, capitalist moguls, avid CEOs, feudal work providers, ius primae noctis users, unethical sourcers, bigots, ugly models, beautiful idiots, animal worshippers, science negators, self made chefs, self made interior designers, House flippers, alchemists of confounding shit with chocolate, flat earthists , you-tubers, professional video gamers, Satan worshippers, same day shippers, global warmers, climate changers, streamers, conspiracy theorists, liars, binge watchers, marketing specialists, wrongdoers, gender revealers, fender benders,skin routine explainers, skin color refrainers, Polish removers, wrong thinkers, useless services providers, social media managers, overnite sensations, prodigy drummers exploited by their parents, Instagram trolls, life hackers, brainwashers, brainwashed, fascists, nazis,

what else?

All of this Shit is at the Forefront, while the lasts stayed last.

Jesus was trying to say that the visible spectrum of human value would shrink to a zero.

the ultraviolet and infrared would eventually meet because the value of humanity will become NULL

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I just discovered on the radio I might be a covert narcisist, other than a regular narcisist. That would make me a full spectrum narcisist And that would make YOU a loser to not make the effort to see


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