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Dear Developers, Solodevs and DEV-Os

I would love to see an idea come to light, and I will need your precious HELP!

I am an architect but I always had a great passion (addiction?) for video games.

The idea is essentially to create a “multi-user” (for example ±50 people at a time)

real time chess with 10/15 seconds turn to make a simultaneous move for all players.

Any player will control only one piece with a given set of moving abilities + potential starting object/power. Characters can be unlocked or powered through several battles/achievements.

The game will feature online turn based battles and a core of “moves” and “powerups” and "treasures" collectible through the course of the game.

To keep things interesting every 5 killed players a “guardian” will spawn and start hunting down the remaining players or else the board may shrink to force the players in a close quarters scenario.

Sadly this game mechanics take today the name of "battle Royale" that I reluctantly would associate to this ludic experience which I want instead to be closer to GO, SHOGI or perhaps reminiscent of TITAN or even the very recent REIGN boardgame.

on a given turn the player will perform one of the (3) following actions:

- move at full speed and secure a powerup / treasure if landing first on a tile

- move in two steps, potentially collecting 2 items if landing on clear tiles or "hurting" players previously landed on a tile, target of movement. an hurt player will die on the spot or randomly being projected on adjacent tiles on a random direction.

- use object/power by standing still on the current space.

The players will decide the action on a span of 10 seconds then the action on the board will be resolved basing on "initiative".

initiative will be like a 1d20 random roll with applicable modifiers.

Modifiers may include: character beginning stats, "momentum" If a character keeps performing movements will most likely keep moving faster, number of objects carried, energy of the character (average max is 2/3 hit points) and so on

The idea in general is that at the stage of user base we are in there is not even need of AI because we have limitless human “willpower” and “workforce” once a basic, simple set of rules is set.

Even the "guardians" will be "shadowing" previous moves of players. yeah I can already see the nerd with pony tail and hardened man boobs nipples guessing which move has been replicated on turn 6!

Like for chess, the basic rules of movements will be simple and set but the interaction on a radial hexagonal grid between 50 players and randomized items/terrain types will make it interesting, with potential endless declinations.

I am attaching a rough concept of the “look and feel” of the game concept.

I cannibalized some “historical” games pixels aggregates, but would the game come to life I will provide original artwork as well.

Please let me know if you would be interested in any way to collaborating to this project.

My interest is at this moment fully amateurish and not really concerned about any specific goal other than the project coming to life. Please feel free to contact me by commenting to this post or contacting me through the website.

The likely way for this project to come to life is to be uploaded on Steam for a fairly low price and grow user base and aggregating content as it grows.

The structure of the game will be simple to then expand in powers location tiles, character classes, badges and all the usual pletora of DLC shit array of goodies.

Ah.. the "world" vibe will be essentially an R.E. Howard prehistoric dystopian future/ atlantidean past with a twist of weirder alien/prehistoric creatures, Stone Age steampunk technology and ugly beasts topped with a generic lush jungle/desert/marshy/scorched plains/murky coastlines/tar pits atmosphere. pretty cool in a way, with the obvious implementation of the 2 moons and the AMIGA gradient sky..


Thank you for your attention


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