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Human Being is a Self-Insufficient creature

While other creatures stand upright and move their first delicate steps just minutes after birth, Man remains unaware and self insufficient for months, perhaps years and arguably his entire life.

When an human individual has no more need for logistic support to depend on for his survival, Man creates or embrace the idea of God as to say someone that is fully caring for them like their parents did when he was a newborn and a toddler.

God is the entity that supposedly changes our existential diapers when we ontologically poop on ourselves and sit on it unattended for days, perhaps years.

God is the healer, the diaper changer, the consolation nipple, the feeder, the lullabies singer. However there is no skin to skin opportunity because god does not exist.

Human Being is flawed and doomed to reproduce and project his self-insufficiency for eternity.

Happy Friday by the way!!

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