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Let me try to explain.

The first time around the son of god was generated out of thin air.

But when he died and arose from the dead he came out of an egg.

Laid by a bunny. Yet the symbol of Jesus is a Fish. Even if he was the Lamb of god.

Faith is strong only if it can be tested.

Everyone can believe facts but blessed be the ones that will read between the lines and comprehend the illogical.

God is a reptile and he created us in cold blood which makes all of this even worst


If you are celebrating Passover instead please wait for the green light or at least use the crosswalk before you pass over. If you are instead celebrating another fucking Celtic farming related occurrence or you are waiting instead for an hortodox piece of bullshit while fabricating Molotovs in your empty vodka bottles, enjoy your chocolate eggs anyway!

Oh you are allergic to chocolate..

Well too bad. But then don’t blame us if you are never happy

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I wanted to share this event, as a form of reflection of the development of the sense of shame and its basic human reaction. I observed this today on my 8 yo son, as he was playing DRAGON QUEST BUILDE

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