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Head to the Forum Section and tell us where you are located and in which way the Dark Ages are currently affecting you:

- Social Distancing

- Cryptocurrency BS

- Flatearthism

- Flat chests

- Religion

- Body Shaming

- Mind Shaming

- Victim Shaming

- Capitol Shaman Shaming

- Shaming in general

- Unprecedented times

- Removing people from movies and TV shows and movies after letting them ruin a fucking country for 4 years

- Inclusion with Violence

- Peaceful Exclusion

- Violence

- Unawareness

- Double standards

- Normalization

- Abnormalization

- Racism

- Uncontrolled Guns

- Social Media Marketing BS

- Forex Trading BS

- Shitty Music (billie eilish, Ariana grande other BS I do not know what it is)

- Shitty Art (Damien Hirst, Cattelan, Bansky, all similar day job artists BS)

- food subcultures and mistakes

- piracy

- Other random BS

- cultural unawareness

- cultural appropriation

- cultural canceling

- Ignorance

- Morons (above and below your chain of command)

- Greed

- survival of the shittiest

- Arrogance

- Isolation

- Manic Depression

- Vegan soy BS taking shape of the crudest meat cuts and aggregates

- Antropological recurrent mistakes

- People loving Pets more than Humans

- People loving Humans more than Pets

- Stupid motherfucking autistic people with no social skills that tells you how to organize and clean your closet or your planet

- OTHER Miscellaneous BS

Please drop a LINE in the Forum and let us know which shape the DARK AGES 2021 are taking for YOU and what it is aggravating you the most - click DOXA (forum) above


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