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How did we start - AD ASTRA

At first it seemed like a chain of unfortunate events, a perfect storm, a fallen monarch butterfly effect.

But then it all made sense and like those "3d" images that are supposed to form within the boundaries of your peripheral vision it all appeared clearly solid and connect.

Where a weathered piece of marble covered by the sand was once standing a perfectly cut pyramidal construction of sense now stand. the tip of the iceberg is now showing all its extent of fearful and terrible proportions.

While the rhythm of this introduction veered towards a epic, metaphoric tone what I meant to say is that we are all in Shit, yes Deep Shit.

As a matter of fact we are currently experiencing a global case of Dark Ages. The recent pandemic is just one of its aspect like the plague was one of the Middle Ages.

The similarities are not stopping to a widespread, easily transferable disease but are extending (and not limited) to the following:

- Superstition took the place of Science

- After centuries spent conquering the knowledge that the earth is round and orbitates around the sun, over the last generation there is an aggressive return to ignorance to claim the earth is flat.

- People dont trust in anything anymore and especially not in the indisputable truth

- YouTube substituted the Official Knowledge

- Wikipedia substituted the Enciclopedia and not for nothing is editable by Anyone, because the basic premise is to reintroduce ignorance into the system

- The market and even worst the cryptomarket are now the only ethical boundary of every human transtaction, moral and justification a priori and "a posteriori". People somehow thinks that if the market wants it is it meant to be. NO it is like saying that if a BUS with no driver and no brakes is going in a certain way you are going to arrive to your destination. It is just tragically stupid

- We are pretty sure that Deleuze, Guattari and Baudrillard already expressed everything we will try to say and that did it even better but since not even them in their geniality and piercing intellect could even predict that shit would become so bad, here we are giving it a shot.

The say that the first step towards change and self improvement is Shame.

Shame to be this way, Shame to not know better, Shame to not do better.

We should all be Ashamed to be in this situation, because for negligence, bigger fishes to fry, unawareness, compliance, involvement and even acceptance or exploitation of what is going on we are all not taking steps.

When we talk about climate change we are talking about the life cycle of a piece of rock, water and gas spinning around the sun subject to sudden cosmic events within or without. Climate change could be even outside of our reach of action or while we struggle to generate small perceptual improvement a big meteorite could come along and fuck us off like it happened to the dinosaurs.

yes climate change is important, it is a matter of good housekeeping, but in the equation: "mens sana in corpore sano" the planet is the corpore, the physical scenario of our lives, the body of our existence.

What is our concern here is the MIND, the MENS. the body may or not may be healthy but sure as hell the HUMAN MIND is not.

After century of projected or factual "progress" we are wasting away in few generations all the culture and the wisdom we so strenuily accumulated through researched, through experience, through trial and error.

Our prophets are now the "influencers" blank containers of everything which best assets is to be completely anonymous and not determined in a critical point of view.

Grey to the bone. the influencers must live by definition in a gray area where the maximum consensus can be achieved and they never express any opinion, any fact, any content aside from the obvious general opinion or their boobs and asses.

the result is that the people just flatten their cerebral waves to be tuned with the void these people have to propose and they dont feel any impulse to improve or fight for a better future.

While the turtle like mind of an influencer of a media personality crawls on the race track, the common person, as striding rabbit slumbers quietly thinking to himself/herself that they are still in the race as they would be able to catch up in few quick strides when need be.

it is the Paradox of Achilles and the Turtle. if you let the Turtle lead the way you going to spend the turtle crawling after a fucking useless carapaxed reptile.

And this is not what we want I think. Right?

So here we are going to try together, with YOUR HELP to give a name and to give a face to this multifaceted ERA that we are referring to as the DARK AGES HD (High Definition because we have middle age + Wifi). only by giving a name to the current Middle Age we are going to be able to step into a NEW RENAISSANCE

I Have to thank my brother that spurred me to open this blog as an outlet to express a desire and a tool for change, widespread meditation platform, Workspace of consciousness.

He blames that my thoughts are often too destructive, to invasive and unpleasant to be imposed on someone.

But like in every project of construction the first fase is the DEMOLITION -then we will be able to proceed to CONSTRUCTION.

we are now wielding the fire to burn the cobwebs of decades of malpractice, bad thinking, bad decisions, bad results , bad goals and bad omens.


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