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Tomorrow are celebrated Supremacy and Guilt

The celebration of: fucking and been fucked over

This is human life in a nutshell.

The human condition is about acting like a greedy animal and repenting like a selfless soul

once the flesh is appeased.

Action and Guilt

Murder and repentance

Steal and rhimorse

Ignorance and Forgiveness

Shoot First ask question later

I told you so

I wish I have not done that

If I only knew

What is done is done

It is what it is

It is not your fault

You did not know

How could you know..

All what ends well is well

Mala tempora currunt

Are you American Indian or Indian Indian?

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Me Me Me

I just discovered on the radio I might be a covert narcisist, other than a regular narcisist. That would make me a full spectrum narcisist And that would make YOU a loser to not make the effort to see


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