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Everything that we wrote until Now on Facebook is helping AI writing tools to put out of work inefficient, boring yet motivated “tv writers”.

Not that I personally really care but

It is like we are force fed our own shit.

We are inhaling sand of incoherent thoughts and trite stories tested over time expect that they have no moral or at least a meaning backbone.

The weak fact connections put in place by AI sounds so original, fascinating but also so familiar. It is a win win win situation, a 150% satisfaction Rating.

It is a cannibalism of our own thoughts and experiences not unlike the mad cow disease.

AI “thinking” is like centuries of incest of thoughts and stories in a fraction of a second.

Humanity collective knowledge is bound to be bald with sausage fingers and sad eyes at a dangerously small interpupillar distance like the ones of the Charles formerly known as Prince.

This was written COMPLETELY a person at 5:30 am


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