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After seeing him EVERYWHERE I finally conceded and try to listen to some Harry Styles Music. I was amazingly surprised by "music for a sushi restaurant" to the point that the "creative writing" and the "intentionally wrong but catchy notes" of the arrangement and the lustful whispered falsetto almost even reminded me of Prince. I thought to myself.. I am the usual stupid boomer refusing to approve change..

Then it suddenly shifted to Elevator Music

Then someone farted in the elevator by track #5... silently but deadly fart of unbearably useless music

and I had to stop listening, gasping for fresh AIR

Air... Air Hit me in the face I run faster (Faster faster faster) Faster into the air (I say to myself) What is happening to my skin? Where is that protection that I needed? Air can hurt you too Air can hurt you too

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I wanted to share this event, as a form of reflection of the development of the sense of shame and its basic human reaction. I observed this today on my 8 yo son, as he was playing DRAGON QUEST BUILDE

on a side note today gets release a shameful "rock" album from maneskin. a sad costume phenomen in italy that for once spilled out of italy like shit out of a diaper. is like music "made in china" for

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